March 2021 Prayer Requests

  1. Happy birthday to Jim Baker, former President (1987-2015) of Four Corners Home for Children.  Please pray for Jim as he reaches out to friends near and far, bringing awareness of the ministry being done through our staff.
  2. Pray for Annette Reich, President of Four Corners Home for Children.  Annette continues to be an encouragement to our staff as she offers inspiration in our morning devotional time, provides leadership for all areas of Ministry, and maintains the integrity of all our programs.
  3. We thank God for our new cook, Tina Hilliard.  Pray for her as she cooks the evening meal for our children and on-campus staff.  Pray for Tina to be blessed as she serves our ministry family.
  4. Praise God for our on-site school and each student who attends.  Pray for our teacher, Sara Bennett, as she works with our children, ages 7 – 17.  Pray for each child to experience success in their learning and make significant progress during this school year.
  5. Pray for our former kids who are now adults, many of them raising families of their own.  We have had two former children in the hospital for over a week, due to COVID-19.  Pray for their recovery and the wellness of their family members.
  6. Pray for Steven and Sarah Murphy, who have served as houseparents in the House of Faith over the past year.  The Murphys left this position recently and are pursuing God’s plan for their future.  Please pray for God’s peace and guidance in their lives.
  7. Pray for Charity Humbles as she assumes responsibility of caring for the children in the House of Faith until new staff is hired.  Pray for her assistant, Judy Anglin, as she assists Charity in providing for the needs of the children.
  8. Pray for Accounts Receivable Clerk, Vickie Franklin, as she receipts donations, sends our memorial cards, and letters of thanks for donations of gifts-in-kind.  Pray for her husband, Tom, who is scheduled for surgery today.  Pray for a successful surgery and complete healing for Tom and strength for Vickie as she helps him in his recovery.
  9. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with the children in our Ranch Program.  Pray for safety as the children begin some riding lessons as the weather gets warmer.  Pray for good health for our animals and positive learning experiences for our children.
  10. Pray for Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood as they work together in maintenance.  Pray for their protection as they work around equipment and for God’s blessing of good health.
  11. Pray for Graphic Designer, Hannah Begay, as she prepares upcoming Navajo Neighbors magazines, current brochures and other printed documents.  Hannah and her husband are expecting their first child next month.  Pray for her and baby to remain healthy.
  12. Pray for Devin Neeley, consultant for KNMI Vertical Radio.  It’s been a challenging year at KNMI.  Immediately after celebrating our 40th anniversary, COVID-19 caused us to eliminate on-air DJs.  Positive Christian music continues to be uplifting to many in the Four Corners region.
  13. Pray for each married couple represented by our staff.  Pray for their marriages to remain strong and healthy, centered on their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Pray for each marriage to reflect the love Christ has for His Church.
  14. Pray for the pastors across the Four Corners region as they present God’s Word through various means of technology, as well as in person at their churches.  We are hearing of many reports where online services are reaching many more people than when just the church doors are open.  God uses every circumstance for His glory.
  15. Pray for Office Manager, Kelly Karlin, as she supervises our office.  Kelly’s organizational skills keep the office running efficiently.  Pray for her to experience good health and rest on her time off.
  16. Pray for Childcare Coordinator, Hope Humbles, as she leads our childcare staff, works with social workers who bring new children into our care, and serves as principal to our on-site school.
  17. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle, our resident volunteers.  Roger serves as our Ministry Chaplain and Carol coordinates lodging for visitors and work teams, as well as keeps us informed of prayer requests received from our friends and donors.
  18. Pray for the counselors, youth leaders and staff members who mentor our children and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
  19. Pray for our Board of Directors as they meet this morning and discuss the current needs and decisions facing Four Corners Home for Children.  Pray for each board member to know God’s blessing in their life as they serve Him in this capacity.
  20. Happy birthday to Vice President Bob Fitz.  Pray for God’s wisdom in his life as he oversees finances and supervises staff.
  21. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay, pastors at the Grace Community Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona.   Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Joe and Gerri are limited in the amount of traveling and ministry they can do. Pray for God to bless them with open doors to minister, even in this limited capacity.
  22. Pray for missionaries across the Navajo Nation who lead Bible studies, teach addiction recovery groups, and pave the way for the Navajo people to come to salvation in Christ.
  23. Pray for Accounts Payable Clerk, Jeanette Fercik, as she collects receipts, invoices, and statements and prepares for payment of each one.
  24. Pray for each staff member and child in residency to remain healthy.
  25. Pray for our Prayer Connection group as we meet tonight to pray for the needs of the ministry, staff, and children, as well as praise God for his answered prayers and blessings.
  26. Pray for each child in our care to experience God’s love and protection each day.  Many struggle with past fears, hurts, and memories that only God can heal.  Pray for our staff to be an extension of His love, as we provide a place of safety for them.
  27. Pray for the new staff needed to serve as houseparents to our children.  Pray for God’s calling to be made clear in the lives of those He leads to come and serve at Four Corners Home for Children.
  28. Today is Palm Sunday. Take time to read and reflect on the words shared in the Gospels of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the journey He walked through the crucifixion and resurrection.
  29. Pray for President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer, as they lead the Navajo Nation and make decisions that affect the lives of those living in the Navajo Nation.
  30. Pray for our country and for those in leadership who are making decisions that affect all of us.  Pray for our nation to stand for Christian principles and our Christian leaders to stand for righteousness.
  31. Give thanks to the Lord for those who prayed for us this past month and provided financial resources to enable us to do the work God has called us to do.  Praise God for His provisions as we enter a new month.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

Jack Drake founded Navajo Missions in 1953 to provide hope and restoration to families in Navajoland. The name “Navajo Missions” remained in place for over 50 years. In 2006, our Board of Directors voted to legally change the name to “Navajo Ministries,” a better description of who we were. This past year, we legally changed our name to “Four Corners Home for Children.” We believe this name better reflects who we are and what we do. Four Corners Home for Children has always been a program of Navajo Missions/Ministries but is now the ministry’s overall name.

We have not changed who we are – we remain a Christ-centered ministry, operating according to Biblical standards. We have not changed what we do – we operate a Christian home for children, an on-site school, broadcast Christian music through Vertical Radio, and minister to the Navajo people through our Navajo Nation Outreach.

Prayer Focus For March

Navajo Nation Outreach

  • Pray for those in the hospital with COVID-19. Many have died alone due to restrictions on visitors.
  • Pray for those who are suffering from the increase of domestic violence due to frustrations over shutdowns.
  • Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they organize some church activities for ladies, organize the sewing of face coverings for first responders, law enforcers and hospital workers.


After-School Learning Program

Four Corners Home for Children

KNMI Vertical Radio

Navajo Nation Outreach