November 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. Today as God’s Word is shared across our Nation, pray for hearts to be filled with His Spirit and changed for the glory of God. Pray for God’s people to experience His peace and unity.
  2. Pray for each of our children as they continue their school year. Some are really struggling with on-line learning and their learning process is often broken up due to teachers not being on line throughout the classroom time.
  3. Election Day – Vote and pray for our nation.
  4. Pray for our President, Annette Reich, as she leads the Ministry and looks to God for the wisdom she needs to make daily decisions.
  5. Pray for those around the world who are struggling with the COVID-19 virus and experiencing health concerns. Some of our staff members have loved ones out-of-state who have been affected.
  6. We recently received word about a former child who passed away suddenly. Now an adult, his death has come as a shock to us as staff, and to the former children who grew up with him in the 70’s.  His memorial service will be at his church in Illinois where he was very active. Please pray for his extended family.
  7. Pray for the two new children who recently came into the House of Hope. T and A are siblings, ages 8 and 11. Please pray for them to feel at home and adjust to their new surroundings, which included new friends, school and caregivers.
  8. Pray for those who tune in to listen to KNMI Vertical Radio to be encouraged and fortified in their faith.
  9. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they spend this month visiting their home area of Georgia and speaking in churches and small groups about their ministry at Fruitland Baptist Church and The Four Corners Home for Children. Pray for their safety and refreshment as they spend time with friends and family.
  10. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she daily cares for the animals on the ranch and shares her knowledge with the Ministry children. Paula is also spending much of her time packing items to be distributed during our December Christmas Connections.
  11. Pray for Steven and Sarah Murphy as they serve as houseparents to the children in the House of Faith. Currently caring for 7 children and assisting in our on-site school keeps them very busy.   With their servant hearts, they keep the home running smoothly and the children well cared for.
  12. Pray for our Office Manager Kelly Karlin as she continues to serve faithfully by keeping our office running well. Kelly is a great organizer and assists all of us whenever needed.
  13. Pray for Vice President Bob Fitz. Pray for wisdom as Bob works on needed financial reports, analysis, payroll and supervision of staff.
  14. Pray for Hope Humbles as she serves as Childcare Coordinator, supervising our childcare team and keeping up with all the records for the children in our care.
  15. Pray for each of our friends and donors who help to keep this Ministry going with their prayers and financial gifts. We definitely could not do all that we do without their support.
  16. Pray for our Support Staff, Judy and Janice, as they assist our houseparents during their time off. Pray for safety as they provide transportation to and from appointments, mentor the children and provide structure in the home when houseparents are away.
  17. Pray for our maintenance team – Andy and Rick – as they winterize our ministry homes, clean the campus of fall debris and care for repairs in our ministry buildings.
  18. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they contact donors across the nation and update them on the progress of The Four Corners Home for Children. Bakers were blessed to connect with various friends and donors in the Lancaster County area during a recent visit.
  19. Today we celebrate Vickie Franklin, who has served at The Four Corners Home for Children for 32 years. Vickie is our Accounts Receivable Clerk and we are grateful for her faithfulness.  Pray for her and also for Accounts Payable Clerk Jeanette Fercik.
  20. Pray for our Navajo Ministry Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the challenges and possibilities facing this Ministry. Pray for the health of each board member and their families.
  21. Happy 14th birthday to “D” who lives in the House of Faith. Pray for “D” to do well in school and to have a hunger for a relationship with Christ.  Pray for him to be open to the love and support offered to him through our childcare team.
  22. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation as they share God’s Word today and encourage the hearts of their people. Pray for revival among the Navajo people.
  23. Pray for Hannah Begay, our Graphic Designer, as she creates needed materials that reflect the work of The Four Corners Home for Children. Hannah and her husband, Jered, are expecting their first child next spring.  Pray for Hannah and her baby to be healthy.
  24. Pray for those who counsel our young people through the many challenges in their lives. Pray for Godly wisdom as they assist our teens in making good decisions that will lead them into a productive adulthood.
  25. Pray for the marriages represented by the staff of The Four Corners Home for Children to be a Godly example to our community of Christ’s love for His Church. Pray for each marriage to bring glory to God.
  26. Happy Thanksgiving. Praise God for His faithfulness to His people and the freedom we enjoy in this nation.  Thank Him for the abundance of His mercies which are new to us each day.
  27. Pray for our newest staff member, Charity Humbles, as she cares for the children in the House of Hope and also works in the office, offering assistance to Annette whenever needed. Her cheerful personality is a wonderful addition to our staff.
  28. Pray for the pastors who will be assisting in our Christmas Connection visits in December. Pray for God’s guidance in selecting the families they will be visiting. Pray for those who will be visited to receive the material and spiritual support with open and receptive hearts.
  29. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they minister at Grace Community Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona today. Pray for their fellowship to remain strong in Christ and be a light in their community as they reach out to the families in their area.
  30. Pray for us, the people of the United States, to humble ourselves, repent, and turn from our wicked ways. We are indeed a nation in need of Jesus Christ’s forgiveness.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


Whenever I read Luke 17: 11-19, I am challenged to live more like the grateful leper who returned to give thanks to the Lord when he realized he was healed.  Too often I am quicker to ask God for what I need, instead of thanking Him for what I receive. In the spirit of “thanksgiving”, let me share some things I am thankful for this month.

I am thankful our children and staff have remained COVID-19 free.  I am thankful for the safe travels God provided for our staff, both in town and out-of-state.  I am thankful for new staff members who have joined us to enrich our Ministry team.  I am thankful for our House of Hope to be reopened and now providing a home for new children.  I am thankful for the donation of winter hats and health supplies for our Christmas visits and new handmade quilts provided by a local women’s group to be given to new children as they come into our care.

The list of blessings at The Four Corners Home for Children is endless, because our Lord’s love and faithfulness is endless.  I know it is the same in your life.  Take time to thank Him today for His kindness to you.  “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His loving mercy endures forever.”  Psalm 136:1

Kay L. Baker

Prayer Focus For November


  • Thank God for each child in our care.
  • Thank God for His love and protection.
  • Thank God for His healing in our lives
  • Thank God for all the blessings He continues to shower upon the United States.
  • Thank God for the salvation offered to us through Jesus Christ and for the heavenly home He has prepared for us.


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