December 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for our nation and the many people who are currently struggling with COVID-19.  Pray for those who are isolated from loved ones due to sickness and are experiencing loneliness and depression.  Pray for our doctors, healthcare workers and those working on vaccines.
  2. Pray for Annette Reich, President, who is leading this Ministry during these uncertain days.  Pray for God’s wisdom, strength, and direction to surround her each day.
  3. Pray for our students and their teachers, Sara Bennett, MaryLou Jourden, and Janice Davis, as they continue their daily schoolwork on-line at our on-site school.  Pray for each child to thrive in this learning environment and accomplish the work they need to do for a successful school year.
  4. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle who recently returned from a month of travel, speaking in churches and connecting with friends from their homeland of Georgia.  Pray for them to receive the rest they need as they step back into their service at Four Corners Home For Children and the church they pastor.
  5. Pray for Devin Neeley as he updates and monitors the ongoing operations of KNMI Vertical Radio.  Pray for the radio station to be an encouragement to our listeners as they tune in daily.
  6. Pray for the Pastors across the Navajo Nation who faithfully present the gospel in their churches.  Pray for those who are struggling with health issues, even while fulfilling their call from the Lord.  There have been 21 pastors on the Navajo Nation who have died from COVID-19.
  7. Pray for the marriages represented by our staff.  Pray for each marriage to reflect the love of Christ and be a testimony to the children we care for and to the community we serve.
  8. Pray for Charity Humbles who cares for the children who come into the House of Hope and serves as our Ministry Cook.
  9. Pray for the needs of our many friends and donors who ask for prayer for unsaved loved ones, health and financial concerns, and other various personal needs.  Pray for God’s will to be done in each circumstance that faces them.
  10. Pray for Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood as they serve in maintenance and care for our homes and property.  As colder weather comes, pray for them to remain healthy as they work outdoors.
  11. Pray for Hope Humbles, our Childcare Coordinator, as she works with our childcare team.  Pray for wisdom as she works with Children, Youth and Family Services, as well as Navajo Social Services to bring new children into our care.
  12. Happy birthday to Vickie, our Receipting Specialist.  Vickie has served Four Corners Home For Children for 32 years and has been a wonderful blessing to this Ministry.
  13. Pray for pastors in the Four Corners region as they share God’s Word today.  Pray for protection over their families and for wisdom and courage as they face challenging circumstances within their church families.
  14. Pray for the emergency placement children who are coming into the House of Hope for care.  Pray for them to feel safe and respond well to the care they receive.
  15. Pray for Vice President, Bob Fitz, as he oversees the financial needs of the Ministry.  Pray for wisdom as he prioritizes the needs of our campus and personnel.
  16. Happy 17th birthday to Connor, one of the teens living in the House of Faith.  Connor is a Junior this year and enjoys music and football.  Pray for Connor to grow in his relationship with Christ.
  17. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they serve together in Partnership Ministries.  Pray for them as they work with the pastors coming tomorrow to pick up blankets, food, Bibles, coats and toys for our Christmas Connection visits.
  18. Pray for the pastors coming in today to load up their trucks for Christmas Connection visits.  Pray for good weather so their visits can be done in a timely manner and for protection from illness when they visit with the families in need.   Praise God for our many friends who donated items to be shared throughout the Navajo Nation.
  19. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with the children on the Ranch.  Pray for safety for each child as they work with the animals and care for their needs.
  20. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they serve Grace Community Church in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for Gerri as she keeps up with needs at the church and at home.  Begays are still confined to home much of the time due to the quarantine imposed on the Navajo Nation.  Pray for them to remain well.
  21. Pray for the House of Faith and houseparents Steve and Sarah Murphy.  Sarah celebrates her birthday tomorrow.  Pray for each child in their care to make good decisions and grow in their walk with the Lord.  Pray for the family to remain healthy and enjoy one another as they live and build relationship together.
  22. Happy birthday to Carol Kittle today.  Carol enjoys writing to many of our donors when they send in prayer requests and arranges lodging for visitors when needed.  She is a prayer warrior and a support to all of us on staff.
  23. Tonight is our Navajo Nativity – a living Christmas card to our community.  Pray for each child who will participate and for each community member who will drive through the campus to view the Nativity from their cars.  May they be reminded of God’s gift to the world through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  24. Pray for the children in our care who will not be able to spend Christmas with their natural families.  This is a difficult time for many of them.  Pray for their hearts to be healed through the love and compassion of Jesus.
  25. Merry Christmas!  We thank God for each one of you and for your continued love and support throughout the year.  You are God’s gift to us.
  26. Pray for Hannah Begay, our Graphic Designer.  We thank God for her creative gifts as she designs our Navajo Neighbor magazines, creates brochures and other printed materials.  Pray for good health for Hannah as she and her husband are expecting their first child in April.
  27. Pray for those who are counseling our children.  Pray for God’s wisdom as they help the children process their needs and work through the challenges and hurts they face.
  28. Pray for Kelly Karlin, Office Manager, and those who serve with her in the office.  Pray for wisdom and health as she completes reports, keeps up with needed accounting and supervises mailings.
  29. Pray for God to provide a mature Christian couple who can serve as houseparents in the House of Love.  We know God’s timing is perfect and we look to Him to provide this couple so the home can be caring for children in need.
  30. Pray for our staff and children as we face a new year.  We are grateful for God’s faithfulness as He leads and cares for all of us.  We are grateful for those who stood with us this past year in providing hope and encouragement to our Navajo neighbors.
  31. Happy New Year.  God bless you in the new year of 2021.  We pray for you to experience God’s love and faithfulness as you seek Him with all your heart.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


Christmas Connection day has always been a favorite time of year for Jim and me.  This day holds memories of when we were houseparents and loaded our children into a van and visited families in need.  Our children would each fill a box with toys, books and stuffed animals that they had outgrown and no longer needed.  There was always joy on their faces when they found children in the homes we visited.  That meant they could find “just the right thing” from their boxes for each child in the home, putting a smile on the face of a child they had only met.

Again, this year, many friends across the nation have sent in financial gifts to support this area of our Ministry, along with health supplies, toys, books, coats, blankets and quilts to be distributed on December 18.  Although they may never meet the recipients, they can be assured they will have an important part in putting smiles on the faces of those who receive the donated items.   There is nothing more precious than seeing an elderly grandma wrap herself in a homemade quilt and express tears of joy because someone thought of her.  Paul reminded us in Acts 20:35 of Jesus’ words, “It is more blessed to give than receive.”  This is truly lived out during our Christmas visits.  Thank you for being a part of our Christmas Connection through your gifts and prayers.

Kay L. Baker

Partnership Ministries

Prayer Focus For December

Navajo Nation Outreach

  • Pray for those distributing Christmas items to families in need this month.
  • Pray for those receiving the Christmas items to also be open to receiving the plan of salvation.
  • Pray for all the people across the Navajo Nation who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.
  • Praise God for those who donated necessary items for our Christmas visits.


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