May 2021 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for our president, Annette Reich, as she leads this ministry with integrity and wisdom.  Pray for her husband, Chuck, to be safe as he travels monthly for his ministry, Horizon Media Studios. We thank God for this faithful couple who serve the Lord with great joy.
  2. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation who are sharing God’s Word today, both on-line and in person at their churches.  Pray for God’s refreshment in their hearts from the weariness of caring for others over this past year.
  3. Happy birthday to Hope Humbles, our Childcare Coordinator.  Hope does a great job of leading our childcare team, organizing our children’s files and appointments, as well as caring for all the details required for children in foster care placement.
  4. Congratulations to our Graphic Designer, Hannah Begay.  Jered and Hannah welcomed their daughter, Gracelynn, into their family on March 27, at 2:58 a.m.  Hannah is now on maternity leave.  Please pray for this precious family.  Hannah and Jered’s story in the Spring 2021 edition of the Navajo Neighbors magazine.
  5. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they continue to serve in Partnership Ministries.  They enjoy their long-time relationship with so many of our friends and donors.  Kay will celebrate her birthday tomorrow.
  6. Happy anniversary to Rick and Paula Terpsma, faithful caretakers of our Ranch and Campus.  Pray for God’s comfort and peace as they recently experienced the homegoing of Paula’s sister, and health concerns for Rick’s mother.  These events took them back to Michigan to spend time with family.
  7. Pray for the development of our new program, Four Corners Families, which will provide housing and life skills training for up to three mothers and eight children. We are hopeful this program will open this coming summer.
  8. Pray for Kelly Karlin, office manager, as she supervises the office and cares for the many details of ordering supplies, running reports, etc.
  9. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Chinle, Arizona.  Joe and Gerri are great examples of service and great love for the Navajo people.  Pray for them to experience good health and safety as they travel throughout the Navajo Nation.
  10. Pray for our military, many of whom serve in harm’s way today.  Pray for Charles, Arron and Jake, children/grandchild of three of our staff members.  Ask the Lord to give them strength to remain faithful as they live their lives before those who do not know Christ.
  11. Happy birthday to 15-year-old Brittney, who has been with us since 2015.  Brittney is in 8th grade at our on-site school, Four Corners Academy for Excellence.
  12. Pray for our lead instructor, Sara Bennett, as she serves in our school with students in grades 2 to 11.  Sara’s story is featured in our Spring 2021 edition of the Navajo Neighbors magazine.  We appreciate her love and concern for each of her students.
  13. Pray for the staff needed to complete our childcare team.  Thank God for our current faithful team who work so hard to meet all the needs of our children.  Pray for rest and refreshment for them on their time off.
  14. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they give of their time and talents in various areas of this ministry.  Roger and Carol enjoy keeping our Hospitality House a welcoming “home away from home” for our visitors and work teams.
  15. We celebrate Andy Kellywood today as he begins his 7th year of service at Four Corners Home for Children.  Andy is a valuable maintenance team member and serves as a mentor to our teen boys.
  16. Pray for the pastors across the Four Corners region who are sharing God’s Word today. Ask God to provide for all their financial needs and help their congregations serve together in harmony for the betterment of our communities.
  17. Happy birthday to Jeanette Fercik, our accounts payable clerk.  Whether paying bills, writing checks, or processing monthly reports, Jeanette does it with a smile that brightens every day.
  18. Pray for each student in our on-site school, the Four Corners Academy for Excellence. Pray for each child as they face the challenges of learning and growing through the experiences of peer pressure and daily emotional challenges.  Pray for them to grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man.
  19. Pray for Vice President Bob Fitz as he begins working on our annual Bi-Fly Tournament which is only three months away.  Pray for him to obtain the needed fishing guides, participants and volunteers who will all work to make a successful fund-raiser for Four Corners Home for Children.
  20. Pray for the Prayer Connection group that meets tonight to pray for the needs of our staff, children, friends, and donors.
  21. Pray for the men and woman who serve on our Board who will meet today to discuss the opportunities and challenges we face as a ministry.  Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment as they make necessary decisions.
  22. Pray for the children as they work with Paula Terpsma in our ranch program.  With warmer weather, they have more opportunity to improve their riding skills and work in the small campus garden.
  23. Pray for many Navajo people to come to know Jesus, be established as His disciples and experience victory over hopelessness, brokenness, and addictions.
  24. Pray for President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer of the Navajo Nation.  Pray for them to stand boldly for righteousness.  Pray for integrity as they provide leadership for the people of Navajoland.
  25. Pray for Vickie Franklin as she serves as Receipting Specialist.  Vickie’s attention to detail makes her perfect for maintaining our donor information, receipting donations in our records, and generating receipt letters.
  26. Pray for those across our nation and world who are still in need of healing from COVID-19.  Pray for their lives to be touched with physical strength and healing.  Pray for those who have lost loved ones in recent months to know God’s comfort and peace in their daily life.
  27. Pray for Tina Hilliard as she serves as campus cook.  We appreciate the delicious meals she serves each weekday, as well as keeping our pantry and freezer filled with food for the families.
  28. Pray for the children who receive care in our House of Hope.  Pray for them to experience love and stability, as well as healing in their lives due to the traumas that bring them into our care.
  29. Pray for each marriage represented by our staff to reflect Jesus’ love for His Church.
  30. Pray for Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ.  Pray for their families who are anxious about their safety.  Ask God to rescue them from their enemies and strengthen them through their trials.
  31. Give thanks for each donor who helped with this month’s financial needs and commitments.  Ask God to bless them for their faithful commitment to this ministry.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Sometime in the 1920s, a senior radio officer at London’s Croydon Airport, Frederick Stanley Mockford was the first to use the Mayday signal to indicate emergency situations.  Prior to 1920, SOS, short for “save our souls” would be sent by Morse code to announce life-threatening emergencies.  Still used today, pilots and ship captains call out “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” as a distress call, followed by the nature of the emergency, the location, current weather, type, and identity of the craft involved, number of people in danger, etc.  Rescue is possible, only if someone hears the call and sends help.

Every month, we have friends who send us Mayday calls by way of prayer requests.  They share their concerns for loved ones with dementia, cancer, COVID-19, etc.  They ask us to pray for elderly parents, wayward children, abused grandchildren, unsaved neighbors.  As we pray for these requests, we do not have to wonder if someone will hear our cries for help.  Our God is ever faithful to hear us in our times of trouble.  His Word says, “But I call to God, and the Lord saves me.  Evening, morning, and noon I cry out in distress, and He hears my voice.”  Psalm 56:16, 17.   Praise God for His faithfulness.  Thank you for responding to our Mayday call and praying for us each month.  You bless us with your faithfulness.

Kay L. Baker

Partnership Ministries

Prayer Focus For May


  • Safe arrival of Gracelynn Esther Begay, born to Jered and Hannah Begay on March 27
  • Successful tonsillectomy for one of our children in the House of Faith
  • Protection of staff members who traveled many miles during this past month
  • God’s love and faithfulness


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