January 2021 Prayer Requests

  1. We begin this new year by praying for Rick Terpsma, our long-time maintenance man, who celebrates his birthday today. Rick, and his wife Paula, have been faithful servants of the Lord at Four Corners Home for Children for over 33 years.
  2. Pray for God’s blessings in this new year on our President, Annette Reich, and her husband Chuck. Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment as Annette makes daily decisions for the Ministry.
  3. Pray for our children as they prepare to resume virtual classes tomorrow after their Christmas break.
  4. Pray for M. in the House of Faith, who celebrates her 11th birthday tomorrow. Pray for her to continue to grow in her knowledge of Jesus and accept Him as her Savior.
  5. Pray for 17-year-old Connor who will have a tonsillectomy today. Pray for his surgery to go well and for complete healing for him.
  6. Pray for the two new children who recently came into our care at the House of Hope. Their time with us is uncertain.  Pray for them to thrive through the care given to them by housemom Charity Humbles.
  7. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle, our campus volunteers, as they assist in every area of the Ministry. Pray for the small church they pastor and the people they minister to in our community.
  8. Praise God for all our friends and donors who contribute to the needs of Four Corners Home for Children. Pray for God’s blessing on all those who faithfully pray for us and help to provide for our financial and material needs.
  9. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay, pastors at Grace Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona. Joe and Gerri continue to meet the needs of their fellowship through small group settings on weekdays.  Pray for them to experience good health in 2021.
  10. Pray for the churches across the Navajo Nation who have not been able to meet together in person for over 8 months, due to weekend quarantines. These families are really missing being together and learning together from God’s Word.  Pray for those struggling with loneliness.
  11. Pray for Sara Bennett, our lead teacher in our school, and MaryLou Jourden, her aide. Pray for these ladies to have wisdom in helping to meet the needs of each of our students during this challenging time of learning on-line and homeschooling.
  12. Pray for God’s direction in hiring new staff needed as houseparents for the House of Love and for a Campus Cook.
  13. Pray for Office Manager Kelly Karlin as she supervises the office and those who work with her. Pray for Vickie, Accounts Receivable Specialist, and Jeanette, Accounts Payable Clerk, as they keep up with the daily paperwork that keeps the office running smoothly and efficiently.
  14. Pray for Judy Anglin as she cares for the children during the houseparents’ time off. Pray for unity as Judy and the houseparents work together in providing consistent care and structure.
  15. Today we celebrate Steven and Sarah Murphy as they complete one year of serving as houseparents in the House of Faith. Pray for God’s blessing as they continue to provide our children with love, support, stability, and training.
  16. Pray for the many homeless in our area as they wander the streets and spend cold nights outdoors. Pray for those who help to provide shelter for them and aid them in making life-changing decisions.
  17. Pray for Vice President, Bob Fitz, as he serves in leadership and assists Annette in making decisions and policies that affect Four Corners Home for Children. We thank God for this capable team as they work together.
  18. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with the children in the Ranch Program. Pray for safety for her and the children as they work around the animals.  Pray for the children to learn skills that will help them grow in areas of compassion and responsibility.
  19. Pray for President, Jonathan Nez, and Vice President, Myron Lizer, as they serve the Navajo Nation. Pray for them to make decisions that will meet the needs of the people and help them through the difficulties presented by COVID-19.
  20. Pray for Graphic Designer, Hannah Begay, as she helps promote the Ministry through the Navajo Neighbors and other brochures that promote the work of Four Corners Home for Children.
  21. We celebrate the birthday of A. who will turn 12 years old tomorrow. Pray for her to have a fun birthday with her Ministry family.  Pray for her to grow in the Lord and accept the love and salvation He offers.
  22. Pray for our Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the needs and challenges of this Ministry. Pray for each member to have good health in this new year and be blessed for the leadership they provide to our staff.
  23. Pray for each marriage represented by the staff of Four Corners Home for Children. Pray for our lives to be a positive testimony for Christ and serve as good role models for the children we care for each day.
  24. Pray for the pastors of our community as they lead services of worship today. Whether meeting in person, or on-line, pray for the body of Christ to grow together and reach out to those in need.
  25. Pray for each one of our children today as they do their schoolwork. During these unusual times, it is challenging for them to complete assignments and stay focused on their homework.
  26. Pray for Childcare Coordinator, Hope Humbles, as she leads our childcare team and organizes the various activities that keep the homes running properly. Her work includes documenting fire drills, menus, medical records, etc. for each home and child.
  27. Pray for the spiritual growth of each child in our care. Some have been with us for only a short time and are learning new things about Christ each day.  Others have made a commitment to Christ and seek His direction as they face peer pressure in their lives and make daily decisions that will affect their future.
  28. Pray for the counselors, youth pastors, houseparents, and others who provide a listening ear to our children and teens. Pray for them to provide Godly direction and impact our kids for Christ.
  29. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they work together in Partnership Ministry. Pray for them to be effective in letting our friends and donors know the needs of this Ministry and how they can help.
  30. Pray for Andy Kellywood, who serves in maintenance with Rick Terpsma. Andy also works with our teen boys after school, teaching them skills that will be beneficial to them as they move into adulthood.
  31. Pray for the financial needs of this Ministry to continue to be met as we move into 2021. Pray for us to be wise in our spending, for longevity in the service of our home appliances, equipment, and computers, etc., and for the needed resources to increase our outreach to our Navajo brothers and sisters in this new year.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

A New Year

I have heard countless people say they are ready for a new year.  2020 has been difficult for many people.  This new year brings hope for a fresh start, hope for an effective vaccine, hope for more time spent with our family and friends, hope in Jesus Christ for His healing on our nation, His protection from evil, and His return for His people.  Perhaps THIS will be the year!

December 2020 looked a little different at Four Corners Home for Children.  Because of several of our children being exposed to Covid-19 through their youth group, our children were tested and quarantined over Christmas.  Our 36th Live Nativity was canceled since our children could not participate.  Our Christmas Connections was limited to distribution in 10 different areas on the Navajo Nation, including 250 families.  Changes were sometimes made at the last minute, but Christmas Day came and went for all our staff and children.

Through it all, God’s Word remained timeless and His promises remained true.  Christmas joy remained in our hearts because of God’s Word.  Throughout the Christmas season, I was reminded of Lamentations 3: 21-23 – “Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is His faithfulness.”  May you be encouraged in His faithfulness as we begin this new year.

Kay L. Baker
Partnership Ministries

Prayer Focus For January

The staff and children of Four Corners Home for Children thank you for your precious prayers for us throughout the year of 2020.  In the best of times, the challenging and rewarding times, your prayers have sustained us and helped us fulfill the call God has placed in our hearts to reach the Navajo people for Jesus.   Thank you for standing with us.  We are blessed by your faithfulness.


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