September 2021 Prayer Requests

  1. We thank God today for Jeanette Fercik who is celebrating 7 years of working at Four Corners Home for Children. Some of these years were spent working in the KNMI Vertical Radio office; now she serves as Accounts Payable Clerk. Please pray for Jeanette as she continues to serve.
  2. Pray for Chuck and Annette Reich (President) as they recently experienced the loss of a grandson.  4-week-old Brexton passed away in his sleep on August 14. His parents are Valerie (Chuck’s daughter) and Hunter Scott. Please pray for this precious family.
  3. With an increase in COVID cases in the Navajo Nation, the churches were limited to 15 people in attendance in August, or drive-in services.  One church in Chinle, Arizona, has lost 15 members in the past year. Please pray for those who are lost in grief and depression across the Navajo Nation.
  4. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they leave today to fly to Pennsylvania to spend two weeks with their family and friends there. Pray for their safety and a restful and refreshing time.
  5. Join us in praying for the persecuted church across our world. Especially pray for protection of those in Afghanistan during this time of conflict and unrest.
  6. Pray for God to speak to the hearts of those He desires to have come and serve in our Four Corners Family Program. Also pray for the mothers and children who will benefit by being a part of this ministry.
  7. Pray for our on-site school, Four Corners Academy for Excellence, and the students who attend.  Our students range in grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Pray for each student to have a successful year of learning.
  8. Pray for Hannah Begay, our Graphic Designer, as she and her husband, Jered, move to Crownpoint, New Mexico, this month. Hannah will continue to work on a limited basis for Four Corners Home for Children as Jered pastors Lighthouse Church.
  9. Pray for Charity Humbles as she cares for the children in the House of Faith. We are still in need of full-time staff for this home.
  10. Pray for our board members as they meet today to discuss the challenges and needs of Four Corners Home for Children. Each member plays an important part in making this a strong and vital ministry in the Four Corners region.
  11. Happy birthday to Pamela Patrick, who recently moved from Washington state to serve as Executive Assistant and mentor to our mothers in the Four Corners Families Program. We are grateful to have her serving here.
  12. Pray for the churches in the Four Corners region who are meeting today to worship the Lord and grow in their relationship with Him. Pray for unity of the Body of Christ across our nation.
  13. Pray for Hope Humbles who is serving as lead teacher in our Academy of Excellence. Hope has many years of experience in teaching school, both on and off the Navajo Nation. She has a gift for making learning fun for our students.
  14. Pray for Roy Tso as he counsels with our children every Tuesday. Whether meeting with children individually, or as sibling groups, the children benefit greatly as they meet with Roy.
  15. Pray for our maintenance team, Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood.  Some of their tasks can be tedious and physically challenging.  Pray for them to receive needed refreshment on weekends to prepare them for their work throughout the week.
  16. Pray for the children waiting to come into our House of Hope, on an emergency basis. We need full-time staff in this home.
  17. Pray for each marriage represented by the staff of Four Corners Home for Children.  Pray for each marriage to be a positive example of Christ’s love for His Church in our community.
  18. Happy Anniversary to Joe and Gerri Begay, pastors at Grace Community Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona.  Over the years, Joe and Gerri’s testimony of redemption and the healing of their marriage has encouraged thousands of couples who’ve struggled with alcoholism, depression, broken relationships, and many more of life’s challenges.  Praise God for this special couple.
  19. Pray for Roger Kittle (Campus Chaplain) and Carol Kittle (Hospitality Coordinator) as they serve together in assisting staff and mentoring the children. All our students look forward to the weekly art lessons Roger and Carol share with them.
  20. Happy birthday to our President, Annette Reich. Pray for God’s blessings in Annette’s life and comfort for her and Chuck and their family as they continue life’s journey without their little grandson.
  21. Pray for Bob Fitz as he serves as Vice-President. Bob led another very successful Bi-Fly Tournament this year, raising over $90,000 in funds for Four Corners Home for Children.
  22. Pray for Vickie Franklin who faithfully sends out daily receipt letters, memorial cards and various other communications to our friends and donors.
  23. Happy birthday to Kelly Karlin as she continues to work several days a week as our Office Manager. Pray for healing and strength for Kelly as she serves and refreshing during her time off.
  24. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she oversees the Ranch Program and works with the children in caring for all the animals. Coming to the ranch is a favorite part of the day for some of our children.
  25. Pray for the Navajo Nation as they continue to live with various restrictions due to Covid. Pray for President Jonathan Nez and Vice-President Myron Lizer as they lead the Navajo Nation.
  26. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation who will be sharing God’s Word today, both in person and online.
  27. Pray for our high school students who are now attending classes in person this year. Pray for them to make good friends, good decisions and work hard in their studies.
  28. Pray for continued health for all our staff and children during these days of increased Covid cases.
  29. Pray for our cook, Tina Hilliard, as she prepares evening meals for our campus families and children.
  30. Praise God for all the friends and donors who have prayed for us this past month and given of their finances so we can continue this vital work in the Four Corners region.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

New Life in Christ

Each year our children complete an assessment, giving them opportunities to set goals and reflect on past accomplishments. Hope Humbles met recently with 8-year-old Nizhoni to help her in completing her assessment.  As they discussed areas of growth for this next year, Nizhoni said, “I want to have a life with Jesus.” Hope took this opportunity to talk with Nizhoni and share God’s plan of salvation.  With the simple faith of a child, Nizhoni prayed, asking Christ to be the Savior of her life.

The next morning, Nizhoni came from her bedroom and saw Ms. Charity. Reflecting on her past day, she cheerfully told Ms. Charity, “Yesterday was the “bestest” day of my life.” It was one of our best days too, as we all rejoiced in Nizhoni’s new birth. Isn’t God awesome!!! Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14

Kay L. Baker

Prayer Focus For September

Four Corners Home for Children
  • Praise God for Nizhoni’s salvation.
  • Pray for each of our children to learn of Christ’s love for them.
  • Pray for our childcare team as they work together to meet the needs of our children.
  • Pray for our children to have a successful school year.
  • Pray for needed staff to join our childcare team.


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