The Four Corners Home for Children Staff

Name Position E-Mail
James D. Baker President Emeritus (1987-2015)
Kay Baker Partnership Ministry
Gerri Begay Missionary
Joe Begay Missionary
Hannah Begay Graphic Designer
Jeanette Fercik Accounts Payable
Robert Fitz Vice President
Vickie Franklin Receipting Specialist 
Mary Head-Powell Childcare Assistant  
Tina Hilliard Ministry Cook  
Charity Humbles Four Corners Families, Home Administrator
Hope Humbles Director of Education
Bill Idzerda Educational Assistant  
Corinna Jim Childcare Assistant  
Kelly Karlin Office Manager 
Andy Kellywood Maintenance
Carol Kittle Hospitality Coordinator
Roger Kittle Campus Chaplain
Pamela Patrick Executive Assistant  
Annette Reich President
Paula Terpsma Ranch Manager
Rick Terpsma Maintenance