Living Memorials

Families and children are the heartbeat of the Four Corners Home for Children. Everything we do revolves around rescuing a child’s life from possible abandonment, abuse, or neglect.

We have three homes for children, but the needs of Navajo children continue to escalate. Our Living Memorial program is designed to bring hope to more Navajo children.

Maybe you have never given a Living Memorial in memory of your loved one. Today would be a great day to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Your Living Memorial gift can make a difference. Through a Living Memorial, your loved one is not only memorialized, but their witness can continue through the gift provided to Navajo children.

A special card of remembrance will be sent to your departed loved one’s family (or you can “honor” a living person, too!) No amounts will be mentioned.

Here is a current list of others who have given to deserving Navajo boys and girls. Please click HERE to honor your loved one.


2021 Living Memorials

January 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Lois J. Sharpe Jennie Banger    
Lois J. Sharpe Ryk and Libbie Dykema    
February 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Therese Klopfenstein
Rich Mullins    
Frederick H. Koss Jr. Nancy Rush    
Frederick H. Koss Jr. Kitty Koss “Florence”    
March 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Michael Janotka Owen O’Neil Collin and Sherida Stewart Our Grandchildren
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Jim Lawrenz    
Alfred Campbell
Anna Campbell    
Alfred Campbell Thomas Meister    
April 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Alfred Campbell Samuel and Ida Campbell John H. Summy Roger and Carol Kittle
Charlotte Adkins Leslie R. Adkins Alfred Campbell Our Grandchildren
Vicki Bruno Shane C. Kelly    
Royce Fort Leslie Fort Covington    
Monica Shubin Kenneth Potts    
May 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Barney and Viv Black
Beverly Jean Null Whyte Charles and Susan Baker Hannah Begay
Dan and JoAnne Childress Mary Childress Alfred Campbell June Campbell
John and Carol Robbins Gail Elaine Pierson Mountain Chiropractic / Randy Hutchins Gary and Eilen Doberman
Gordon Morgan McDonald and Morgan Family Collin and Sherida Stewart Our four grandchildren
Iris Thellman Beverly Whyte Alfred Campbell Oldest granddaughter Katie Campbell
Charles and Susan Barker Bob and Harriet Gerding    
Katharine Harvey Don and Ruby Aderhold    
Monica Merfalen Robert Fierro    
Dan and JoAnne Childress Judi Urdea    
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Fred Windle    
Jane M. Showers Dr. H. Byron Showers    
June 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Paul and Rebecca Walshak

Beverly N. Whyte

Robert Korman Dr. Tres Morris
Kevin Bair

Ron Bair

Fred and Mary Husson Jim and Kay Baker
Michael Janotka

Owen O’Neil

Betty,David, Cherry Whigham

Bob Bivens

Therese Klopfenstein

Rich Mullins

July 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Barbara Shirley Nancy Holly Alfred Campbell Lisa and Chris Clifford and family
Daniel S Contracting Sammie James Simmons    
Dave and Kathy Katzer Rose Schoonover    
Timothy and Sandra Garling Edla and Howard Garling    
August 2021      
From: In Memory Of: From: In Honor Of:
Patricia Bodily Greg Neeley Alfred Campbell Kate Campbell

Sally and Lynn McCandlish & Family

Greg Neeley

Collin and Sherida Stewart

Our four Grandchildren

Bob and Becky Wilson and Family

Greg Neeley

Allan and Robin Helser

Jered and Hannah Begay

Terri Fortner

Greg Neeley    

Kathy Neeley and Family

Greg Neeley    

Tory and Carrie Olson

Greg Neeley    

Pat and Nancy Affholter

Greg Neeley    

Bonnie Mattison

Greg Neeley    

Horace Nissan- Hyundai

Greg Neeley    

Strickland Family

Greg Neeley    

Carl Sikkenga

Greg Neeley    

Richard and Sandy Allred

Greg Neeley    

Alfred Campbell

Samuel C. Campbell


Donald and Kay Boynton

Mrs. Carolyn Kiedly