Stories of Hope

The Four Corners Home for Children has provided a safe, stable place of hope and healing to more than 1,500 children since 1953. Below are just a few of those stories:

A young boy is placed here during the Christmas holiday break. His greatest gift? A warm shower that he has never experienced before. The other children in the home also get together and give him some of their Christmas gifts, modeling unselfish giving to this hurting, neglected boy.

A 3-year old girl and her siblings are placed in one of our long-term homes. She has long, flowing hair and likes to twirl around while wearing a beautiful dress. She also has something no child should have: a scar on her forehead from when someone in her home threw her against a bookcase, fracturing her skull. Today, she is happy and protected, enjoying life and learning to trust adults.

A teen girl who has lived here for more than a year now carries a 4.2 GPA in high school. Rather than wondering daily about her well-being in an abusive home, she is now focused on her future. She wants to be a writer.

Many people who grew up at the Four Corners Home for Children credit the program for “saving their lives.” As adults, hundreds are now productive members of society. They are educators, health care workers, social workers, ministry workers, and much more.

Many children placed at the Four Corners Home for Children have never before heard the saving Gospel message of Christ’s wonderful love. Christ is modeled in all we do at Four Corners Home for Children. Our children see what their life can become when they trust in Jesus.